Mum's genius hack to make edible 'sand' goes viral on TikTok

A mum has come up with a genius hack to make 'edible sand' for kids who can't stop eating it. (Getty Images)

What is it about babies and toddlers and eating sand?

You plop them in the sandpit or on the beach and within seconds you can guarantee they’re shovelling handfuls of sand in their mouths.

If this sounds all too familiar one mum has come up with a genius hack, which is getting a lot of love from other parents on TikTok.

According to Buzzfeed, user @elleannachristine recently shared how she makes her own edible sand for her little ones using breakfast cereal.

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The clip shows the mum blending up a bowl full of cheerios and pouring them into a bucket to create ‘edible’ sand.

While the hack should help stop parents constantly brushing real sand off their little ones’ tongues, it will also provide some sensory play for parents who don’t have the space (or the inclination) for an actual sand pit.

Since sharing the clever clip, the hack has been viewed more than 2.6 million times and inspired parents to give it a go.

And while edible ‘sand’ isn’t technically a new invention, it seems many parents didn’t actually know about it.

“Well if this isn't the most genius thing I've ever seen,” one mum commented. “Too bad my youngest is 6 now!” 

“Holy hell this is genius,” another parent wrote, while others acknowledged the simple trick was “game-changing”.

The hack also provides an opportunity for some sensory play. (Getty Images)

It isn’t the first time we’ve had a “why didn’t we think of that” moment recently.

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According to the user, instead of blasting the water at the tray and hoping for the best, we should actually be aiming for the little flat spots on ice cube trays when filling them with water.

She went on to show how nicely the water flows into each individual tray when filling it correctly.

And just last month, we discovered a genius way to cut a cake.

Spoiler alert: it involved the use of tongs.

Oh and lets not forget the game-changing reveal about how much easier it is to cut an avocado with a special £5.50 tool todo the job.

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Forget asking your mum how to do things, turns out TikTok is our new guide to adulting.