Mum's genius trick to soothe her toddler

Eliza Velk
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No parent enjoys seeing their child struggling with separation anxiety, so this mum thought of an inventive way to remind her young son she’s always close.

Taking to Instagram, Charly Holmes shared that her 3 and a half-year-old son Vincent, is very much a mama’s boy who has been struggling at school lately being apart from her.

Charly Holmes and her 3-year-old boy Vincent. Source: Supplied.

So on one of his worst days, Charly introduced the ‘cuddle button,’ a blue heart drawn on his hand loaded with cuddles to help him get through the day.

“I drew a heart on his hand and tapped it until I had loaded it up with enough cuddles for the day. He did the same for me.” Charly posted. 

“It was just something I tried one day when he didn’t have his special fox with him at nursery,” she then told Be.

The pair draws a blue heart on each other’s hands and loads it up with cuddles to last the day. Source: Facebook/ Charly Holmes.

“I had drawn a heart on Vincent’s hand and told him it was a kiss a few days before and he loved it. So I tried using it as what we call a cuddle button,” she said.

And the incredibly cute and genius idea worked!

Vincent made it through that day at nursery with no tears – something he hadn’t done in months.

Every day her sensitive youngster still asks for a cuddle button and Charly gives it to him without hesitation.

Young Vincent struggles with separation anxiety which his mum has solved with an adorable ‘cuddle button’. Source: Supplied.

“If it helps him cope with tackling the big wide world alone I will spend the rest of my life, drawing on his hand this simple blue heart, and tapping it until my fingers hurt to load him up with enough cuddles to feel strong enough to face this world alone.” She posted. 

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