Mum throws epic Kmart birthday party for her daughter

Sarah Carty

If your dream day out is heading to Kmart with a wad of cash and an empty boot, then you will absolutely love what this mum did for her daughter’s birthday.

Mum Sally Pozzobon took to the Kmart Australia Facebook page to post images from the amazing birthday party she threw for her nine-year-old daughter, Lucy – in none other than Kmart.

“Hosted a ’k-marty’ for our daughters 9th birthday last November and she thought it was the best party ever,” Sally started the post.

A mum sent out this invite to kids for her daughter's ninth birthday party. Photo: Facebook/Kmart Mums Australia
The kids were told to arrive at Kmart at 5pm, where they were given these baskets on wheels. Photo: Facebook/Kmart Mums Australia

“Lots of fun and the girls had the time of their lives.”

Each one of the girls were told to arrive at Kmart at 5pm where they were then handed a shopping basket on wheels and $25 to spend on anything they wished.

Afterwards, all the girls were driven back to Lucy’s house, where they had a sleepover and played with everything they had collected at the shop.

Each of the kids had their own shopping basket. Photo: Facebook/Kmart Mums Australia
They were also all given a $25 spending voucher. Photo: Facebook/Kmart Mums Australia

The post has already received over 1,100 likes on Facebook, with other parents calling the mum a genius for her inventive idea.

One parent questioned how Sally managed to monitor what the kids were putting in their basket and how she made sure they didn’t go over $25.

“I was with them and helped them calculate what they wanted to buy,” Sally replied.

“I think there was one or two who needed an extra dollar which I put in quietly.”

Sally said the kids were all well behaved but she would recommend having adult help on the day to supervise.

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