Aussie grandmother on becoming an escort in her 50s

Kristine Tarbert
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A mum-of-three has opened up about becoming an escort later in life, admitting it was ‘quite frightening’ at first.

Taylor Tara is a 56-year-old mother, and grandmother of seven, who after spending time working in hospitality, resorts and photography, decided to become an escort.

She’s now opened up about her personal journey navigating her way through a world she at first knew very little about.

“I started at 47, and on my first night I found out that the age [requested] is up to the individual,” Taylor told The Morning Show.

Taylor became an escort at 47. Photo: Channel 7/The Morning Show

She realised quickly there was a demand for older women, with many men preferring someone to “show them what to do”.

Often however, men will also want someone older as they are after a connection, more than just sex.

“They are not like what people think, not devious and dirty men, but normal men who need connection,” she explained.

“There was one [23-year-old] with anxiety, who did not want to see younger girls because he did not know how to talk to them.”

She’s been in the business for almost 10 years. Photo: Getty

Taylor, who said her children are 100 per cent behind her, admits she initially never thought anyone would even pick her. But after her first night she never looked back and has now been in the business for nearly a decade.

“After my first night, I realised it’s not what I thought it was, and there were really nice people out there,” she said.

Taylor said a lot of the time people don’t even really know why they seek out an escort. They might come requesting the “full service” but then breakdown and cry because they actually have no one to talk to.

She almost considers herself a therapist as much as she does a sex worker.

“It is surprising. A lot of people just want to be held. They still want sex but it is the contact and not being judged,” she said. “Sometimes it will have you in tears. Sometimes you will be laughing.”

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