Mum’s terrifying find in baby’s cot

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The terrified mum was ‘saved’ by her neighbours. Picture: Facebook

A NSW mother’s “worst nightmare” was realised this week when she found a massive python curled up in her baby’s bed.

Allirra Lovelock made the horrifying discovery on Monday afternoon, spotting the enormous reptile slithering inside her infant daughter’s cot at their Bodalla home on the state’s south coast.

“Is anyone good with snakes?” she posted to Facebook.

“I have a diamond python under my bed and I’m absolutely sh*t scared of snakes.”

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A diamond python thought it could find a home in the baby’s cot. Picture: Facebook

Suffering from a “severe snake phobia”, Ms Lovelock said the situation had brought her “worst nightmare” to life.

Having seen the snake “slither in” the front door from outside the house, the young mum cried for help.

“I locked myself in the bathroom and was screaming for help,” she said.

The terrified mother’s cries were heard by her neighbours, who rushed to her aid.

Loved ones were quick to offer their support in safely removing the python, and about an hour after making her original pleas for help, Ms Lovelock reassured friends and family that the “crisis (was) over”.

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The terrified mum was ‘saved’ by her neighbours. Picture: Facebook

“(My) lovely neighbours saved the day,” she said.

Despite comments from loved ones reassuring Ms Lovelock that diamond pythons were “harmless”, the horrified mother had still gone into “absolute shock”.

“I wanna live in space,” she said.

One day on from the incident, Ms Lovelock said she was still too traumatised to return her baby girl to her bed.

“Sheets (are) all changed in bub’s bed but I’m too scared to put her in there,” she said.

Ms Lovelock told 7 News that the snake had since been “safely relocated out onto a farm”.