Mum stirs debate after revealing why she's not sending her son to school

A mum has sparked a debate online after revealing she’s not sending her four-year-old son to school this year.

The boy was due to start school two weeks ago, but his 38-year-old mum, Emma, made the decision to delay his start date until the following school year.

Stanley was born in the month of June, which would make him one of the youngest in the school year in the UK if he were to have started now.

And while he does not have any additional needs, his parents believe it’s in Stanley’s best interests to put off starting school next year, once he is five and therefore of compulsory school age (CSA).

Should parents be able to choose when their children start school? [Photo: Getty]

In her blog, Dirt, Diggers and Dinosaurs, Emma explains the family’s reasons for not sending Stanley to school this year, describing the confusion some parents have expressed after learning about their decision.

“We have decided not to send Stanley to school this year. Instead, he will be starting next September when he is five,” she begins her blog.

“For the extra year he will be attending preschool part time, playing, bonding with his brothers, playing, exploring, enjoying days out, playing, growing and developing at his own pace.”

Some of the questions the mum has been asked include whether Stanley has special needs, whether she is doing it because she can’t bear to let him go and whether her decision was because he didn’t get into his first choice of school, as he did.

“The plain fact is…he’s 4,” she writes. “We’ve simply chosen not to send him to school EARLY, we are sending him at school age which if you go back a generation was the absolute norm.

A mum has explained her decision not to send her son to school at four [Photo: Getty]

“I personally believe that in the UK all children start school too early and that we’d be better off following our European neighbours whose children start school at aged 7 when they are emotionally and physically ready…but that’s just my personal opinion.”

Emma, from Hull, wanted to write the blog to let other parents know it is possible to prevent your child from starting school at the age of four, should they feel it is right for them.

According to the School Admissions Code in the UK, children usually start school in the September after they turn four, but parents of children born between 1 April and 31 August, also known as “summer-born” children, can ask to delay entry for a year.

Some schools will accept a deferral and allow a child to start  the following year, whilst some schools will only allow children a deferred entry if they start in Year One in the following year.

The Hutchinson family certainly aren’t the only ones opting to defer their child’s schooling until they are of compulsory age.

A recent survey of local authorities in the UK revealed that the number of requests for delayed school entry increased significantly between 2015 and 2017.

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