Mum starts epic debate after admitting she washes her pjs every day

Sarah Carty
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

It’s the age-old debate which has sparked disputes for years, and now people online are fiercely trying to get to the bottom of whether or not you should wear a fresh pair of pyjamas in bed every night.

It all started on the partnering forum Mumsnet, where one mum asked others how often they change their PJs.

The answers came in fast, with it quickly becoming apparent that absolutely everyone has a different feeling about how you should don nightwear.

If you’re like us, you’ll do a lot more than just sleep in your nightwear. We like to also use wear them when we’re watching Netflix and eating chocolate. Photo: Getty Images

“Yes, I wash them after one night’s use. You perspire a lot in bed,” one person started the thread, with another person agreeing and saying they wear clean ones every night, as do their kids.

“New pair each day, get night sweats sometimes so completely in the habit of new pair each day.  Besides night wear, like gym wear, is fun. You can have cool patterns and fun characters,” another commenter said.

However, others thought it was bizarre that some people actually change their PJs every night, with one woman claiming it’s over the top.

“Why would you have a new pair every night? That’s OTT,” she said.

Everyone is up in arms about how many times you should wash your PJs. Photo: Getty Images

“Washing them every night is not normal- if I was away for a two-week holiday I’d only bring one pair, generally speaking. At home maybe change every week,” another person said.

Others seemed to be of the opinion that the amount of times you change your nightwear all comes down to whether or not you wear knickers to bed.

“I have different ones every night. I wear them without knickers so wouldn’t wear more than one night,” one person said.

While another said: “Wear with knickers and wash every 4 or 5 wears. Enough bloody washing already without washing things that aren’t even dirty. Bed activity is a distant memory.”

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