Mum claims smoking weed every day makes her a better parent

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The mum (not pictured) was praised for her honesty by other parents (Photo: Getty)

By Charlie Duffield

A mum-of-two has revealed her nightly pre-bed recreational marijuana habit, receiving praise from other parents who agree that smoking weed to relax is ‘equivalent to drinking wine’.

Caitlin Fladager, 23, lives in Vancouver, Canada, where recreational and medicinal marijuana use is legal.

Posting on her Instagram account to 286,000 followers she wrote: 'It’s okay to smoke weed after your kids go to bed.'

She shared the benefits of smoking every night; coming off her antidepressants, reaching a healthier weight and enjoying better sleep.

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In Caitlin’s view: 'You can still be a kick a** mom, and smoke weed.'

She added: 'Marijuana is my glass of wine. ⁣⁣It’s my can of beer. ⁣⁣It’s my relaxation time.⁣'

The mum-of-two expressed how ‘funny’ she found it that marijuana use is frowned upon among parents, whereas 'no one looks twice when a mom says she enjoys wine'.

She aimed to ‘bring awareness’ to how much the substance has helped her, and the post has been liked more than 25,000 times in the past 24 hours.

Her frank and honest approach to life as a young mum has enabled her to build an online parenting community.

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Caitlin had her first child, Adriana, aged 18. Her daughter is now six and she has a son, Jack, aged four.

Her husband Noah is her high school sweetheart and they’ve been together for 10 years.

She wrote on her Instagram post: 'I have never been the most patient with my two kids.

'Weed makes me a better mom, as I get a good night sleep after I smoke. I wake up well rested, and with a more clear mind. [My anxiety] has been so much better since I started smoking.' ⁣⁣

Caitlin clarified she only smokes when her children are in bed.

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Her post resonated with hundreds of fellow parents, as people shared their experiences of enjoying weed in their down time.

One woman said: 'Yes finally someone said it!!! It’s honestly way safer than getting drunk anyways. this momma of 3 loves her weed and snacks before I fall fast asleep.’

Another added: 'Just as acceptable if not more so. Alcohol has many more negative side affects than weed. Love this post.'

Of course, smoking weed isn’t legal everywhere, and her post may have had a totally different reaction if she lived outside of Canada.

Some followers shared their frustrations over how marijuana use is usually perceived.

One woman praised Caitlin, saying: 'This!!! Your posts help ease my momma guilt so much.'

Another added: 'I've gotten a lot of negative reactions for being a mom that smokes weed, even from people who either used to smoke before they had kids or they judge me when they are turning to far worse life ruining drugs.’

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One user said: 'I see no problem with smoking weed as a a parent. As long as you aren’t doing it with the children around and it’s not putting them at risk then I see no problem.⁣⁣'

A few days earlier Caitlin opened up about how she had ‘tried to take her own life’ in 2018 before her mum intervened whilst she was trying to swallow a bottle of prescription pills.

She wrote: '⁣⁣Almost one year later, I’m here. With my kids. Still fighting those voices in my head. Just not alone. I had to accept the help. ⁣⁣It’s been a long, ugly journey. But I’m here. I’m fighting.'

Caitlin has been praised for helping fellow mums express their own struggles.

A typical comment reads: ‘Today is definitely a day where I needed to hear this. Thank you.’

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