Mum's hilarious letter to Kmart urging them to ‘put down the glitter pen' in the kids' clothing department goes viral

Sarah Carty
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While we all might have a soft spot for Kmart’s homeware section, it seems that the consensus is still out on the retail giant’s range of childrens’ clothes.

One mum took to Facebook to write a hilarious, tongue-in-cheek open letter to the shop, urging them to rethink how they design their girls’ clothes, because her daughter ‘doesn’t need frills and sparkles to point out to everyone that she has ovaries’.

Mum Danielle started the post by stating that she had been on the Kmart website for over an hour recently, searching for wardrobe essentials for her one-year-old daughter.

She wanted a few basic jumpers, but all that came up on the site was pages and pages of clothes emblazoned with sparkly unicorns and glitter slogans.

“I ended up in the boys’ section and put some lovely grey crew neck sweaters into my cart, only to find that when I checked out they were out of stock and the closest store to me that stocks them is 30km away,” Danielle wrote.

Danielle joked that the ‘rage’ bubbled up inside her immediately, not only because she had to shop for her daughter’s clothes in the boys’ section, but also because the only basic items they had were out of stock.

“I just don’t get it… you dominate in the homewares section. The people designing all that know what’s up but those guys clearly aren’t lending a hand in the kids’ section. Your homewares are minimalist, neutral and on trend,” she wrote.

“Your girls clothes look like Snooki from Jersey Shore farted out a unicorn that then vomited out a glitter rainbow onto a hot pink jumper. And I have nothing against pink on girls but why always hot pink? Again, take a leaf from them homewares folk, they are nailing that blush tone.”

Danielle went on to urge Kmart, Target, Big W and Best & Less to ‘put down the glitter pen, table those slogan stencils and design some god damn basics’.

Other mums were quick to support Danielle’s post.

Danielle wanted a few basic jumpers, but all that came up on the Kmart site was pages and pages of clothes emblazoned with sparkly unicorns and glitter slogans. Photo: Kmart

“On the other side of the coin – can we get some colour variety in the boys’ section please!?” one mum said.

“Trying to find happy colourful clothes for my one=year-old son is a challenge! The boys section is filled with black, grey, and blue!

“If we do get colour variety – it’s mustard yellow, army green, maroon, and occasionally some dark green or red. So, it’s still dark and miserable. Or it’s covered in some random tv show/comic book character that has no relevance to my child!

“Boys can wear bright colours too!”

Another mum agreed, saying that she finds it a ‘struggle’ to shop at Kmart.

“I just want some nice basic clothing to dress my little girl in and not have her covered head to toe in patterns and sparkles. Thank you Danielle, I hope they hear your feedback and action it,” she said.

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