Mum labelled 'cruel' for sending child to holiday club for six weeks

Kristine Tarbert
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A mum has drawn criticism online for asking whether it was ok to send her child to a holiday club every single day for six weeks.

The woman from the UK said that summer holidays were coming up but she was unable to get any time off work like she had planned.

It means her child will need to spend the entire break at a holiday club from 8:30am until 5:30pm every day.

“It wasn’t planned like that, I was hoping to get one week off in between but could not,” she wrote in the post on parenting forum Mumsnet.

‘I was hoping to get one week off in between but could not.’ Photo: Getty

While she says many of her friends have said this was ‘cruel’, she had no-one who could look after the child while she is at work.

“I have no friends who could have the DC [darling child] for a few days and no family to help (my mum is ill and cannot physically do it),” her post continued.

“DC dad cannot have them either (long backstory)… working from home is not an option in my line of work.

“It is not a choice for me. I really wanted to spend a few days with them at home. It’s not only s*** for them, it’s also s*** for me.”

She said she was jealous many of her friends have nice holidays planned with their children and she can’t even have a few days but says there is “nothing I can do”.

“Please tell me you have done it too and that it is ok. I feel really awful after DM (darling mother) and some friends made these remarks.”

‘Many of her friends have said this was ‘cruel’. Photo: Getty

Many however agreed with that it was ‘cruel’ and that she should consider taking some time off unpaid.

“You asked if it’s cruel – yes it is, and worth taking a financial hit to give them a week off. And a week isn’t much for them,” one person responded.

“But if you’re sending your children to a holiday club for six weeks that’s incredibly expensive – you might be able afford unpaid leave,” another suggested.

Despite the criticism though there were many that supported the mum’s decision.

“Easy for others to judge from the outside,” one person commented. “It isn’t ideal but you do what you have to do.”

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