Mum slammed as 'inappropriate' for sunbaking topless at kids' pool

Sarah Carty
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A mum has been called ‘inappropriate’ for sunbaking topless beside a kids’ pool.

The disgruntled mum took to Mumsnet to ask other parents for advice, after she revealed her husband had shamed her at the pool and told her to put her top back on.

The couple were on holiday with their children, at an all-inclusive resort with a kids’ club.

“Got some tan lines from my bikini so this afternoon took the bikini top off to try and sort them out,” the mum said.

That’s when her husband decided to come over and tell her that her actions were ‘inappropriate’.

“I said that he had his top off so why couldn’t I?” she said.

“He said because I was female.”

A mum has been called ‘inappropriate’ for sunbaking topless beside a kids’ pool. Photo: Getty Images

The woman went on to say that she refused to put her bikini top back on but wanted to know if others found it tasteless or improper.

Many people sided with the mum, with one woman saying her husband ‘needs to get over it’ and others saying ‘it’s just boobs’.

However, some people agreed with the woman’s other half, with one commenter even calling the mum an ‘attention seeker’.

“Most modest women would have covered up. Teenagers could have found it uncomfortable, especially lads. Like it or not breasts are sexualised and people respond to that, some physically. That is a non-controllable response,” the commenter said.

“Women don’t get turned on by men’s chests, but men get erections at women’s. That’s why you can’t walk down the supermarket boobs hanging out. Clearly you got off on that fact. Get to a nudist beach and I doubt you’d be bothered as it wouldn’t get a reaction.”

She was slammed and called an ‘attention seeker’. Photo: Getty Images

Others agreed, claiming the woman should have covered up at the pool.

“Just because you’re comfy, doesn’t mean others are. No way would I be topless anywhere outside my bedroom/shower. It’s not about shame but others comfort. I’d be pissed if I were one of those parents and make it quite clear why,” one person said.

“Presumably you don’t become invisible once you move away from the children’s pool and therefore the children could still have had their innocence ripped from them by the sight of your boobs, if they too moved from the kiddie pool,” another commenter said.

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