Mum slammed for claiming she isn’t going to tell her kids when it’s Christmas Eve

A mum has been slammed for saying she’s not to tell her children when it’s Christmas Eve.

The mother explained her controversial decision on the online parenting forum Mumsnet, saying she was trying to prevent her kids getting too excited and being unable to sleep.

“I have this idea, that for this year we won’t tell DC’s [Dear Children] it’s Christmas Eve,” she wrote under the name ‘Mama Hechtick’ .

A mum has revealed her plan to not let her children know it is Christmas Eve – in order to help them sleep better. Photo: Getty

“We don’t do Christmas Eve boxes and they are usually disinterested in their advent calendars by mid-December so don’t really countdown as such. They will be 5 and 6.”

The mystery mum continued: “My idea is they will get a good night’s sleep, and I’m thinking that waking them up early and telling them it’s Christmas morning will be a far bigger and exciting surprise.

“Would I be unreasonable or mean for doing this? I think it’s the only year we’d get away with it. We don’t have any plans for Christmas Eve except a fairly quiet day with just us at home. Friends I’ve briefly discussed this with seem a bit off with it.”

Many of the parents who responded to her post didn’t think it was a good idea, with one claiming it would be a mean thing to do because “waiting for Santa is half the fun.”

Other parents slammed the plan, arguing that the excitement on Christmas Eve is a big part of children’s Christmas experience. Photo: Getty

Another commented: “The build-up is so exciting for children, don’t take it away from them.”

While one parent wrote: “Kids aren’t kids for long, let them enjoy the build-up and don’t suck the fun out of it.”

Another added: “When I was a kid I was so excited for Christmas Eve. Trying to stay awake to see Santa, the excitement of the next day, don’t take that away from them just so they get a good night sleep.”

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