Mum slammed for bringing teen son to job interview

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They’re those stressful windows of opportunity that can see you land the job of your dreams off the back of a brief, whirlwind chat.

But rather than try and make the best first impression she possibly could, one mum decided to use her formal job interview as a learning experience for her teen son by bringing him along.

The mum tried to persuade the interviewer to let her son stay. Photo: Getty

The shocked interviewer took to online parenting forum Mumsnet to see if this was common practice, and the internet quickly responded.

“I was leading some interviews this afternoon,” the interviewer explained. “One candidate arrived with her 13yr old son. She said she’d brought him so he could get an idea of what an interview was like.

“I said he couldn’t be part of the interview, needed to wait in reception or she could arrange childcare and we would interview her at the end of the day.

“She said no one had said she couldn’t bring him, it’s good life experience etc. I said no and she agreed (eventually) for him to wait in reception.

“When I called her to say she hadn’t got the job, she said we were discriminating against her because she had a child.”

The post saw commenters outraged. Photo:

Commenters responded, with many calling the mum’s behaviour ‘unprofessional’, ‘inappropriate’ and even ‘bats**t crazy’.

“She sounds like a twit and you were right not to offer her the job,” slammed one. “And in any case interviews are confidential and I wouldn’t have thought you could just have somebody sitting in because you felt like it. No one has ever said you can’t bring your pet ferret to an interview. But presumably you wouldn’t.”

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Some tried to reason that maybe her son had issues and needed to be supervised, while another commenter revealed the exact same thing had happened to them – but the parent had phoned ahead to say their babysitter was sick and asked to leave their child at reception.

“Hired her too, she was the best for the job and we had the boy on visits later when he’d come to pick up his mum from work,” the person revealed. “But into the interview itself? Never, highly unprofessional!”

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