Mum shares heartwarming tribute for five month old son

A heartbroken mum has paid tribute to her ‘perfect’ five month old son after he tragically died while asleep in his cot.

Distraught first-time parents Katie and Sam Jones discovered their precious boy, Johnny, had passed away last Sunday, when care worker Katie returned home from a night shift to find him lifeless in his crib.

Now the mum, who affectionately named her bub “meatball” because of his big head, has spoken out about her beloved boy, revealing his tragic death had left her “numb”.

Devastated mum Katie Jones has paid tribute to her five month old son Johnny who passed away last week from suspected SIDs. Source: Caters News

“It’s hard to describe it but you feel completely numb then you get a wave of emotion where you’re either hysterically crying or remembering something happy that he did,” Katie, 27, said.

“You look at your son and it sounds bizarre but you realise that his soul has gone.”

While the cause of his shock death is still unknown, Katie said doctors believe it was sudden infant death syndrome.

Just two hours earlier Sam, 22, had fed the bub and put him back to sleep, but when Katie returned home he was already gone.

“I went into his room and saw Johnny was on his side. It looked like he’d rolled over. I thought ‘that’s not right’,” she said.

After realising he was blue, her scream alerted Sam to the crisis and he raced to the nursery where he began CPR.

But despite his dad’s desperate attempts to save his life, baby Johnny was pronounced dead in hospital two hours later.

Both Katie and hubby Sam are now trying to raise awareness by sharing their story, hoping it will save lives. Source: Caters News

“We spent a couple of hours with him saying goodbye. We were given a private room and were given as much time as we needed,” the devastated mum explained.

The pair are now trying their best to deal with their sudden loss, spending time with doctors and bereavement counsellors.

“We’re both grieving the loss in different ways,” Kate said. “We both love our son so much. He was just perfect. He really was.”

Both are hoping that sharing Johnny’s story will help raise awareness about SIDs and help them heal their broken hearts too.

“It’s just something you never expect to happen to you,” she said.

“Even though it was too late for us to save him there’s a chance this could save another child’s life.”

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