Mum's Coles Minis 'tantrum' backfires online

Holly Hales
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Coles customers have come to the supermarket's defence after a shopper attempted to get more Little Shop collectables than she had earned. Photo: Getty/Coles

Little Shop-collecting mum has been shamed for throwing a ‘tantrum’ inside Coles after attempting to extort extra mini toys from Coles staff.

The unnamed woman made the admission in a Facebook post where she claimed the supermarket workers wouldn’t gift her another collectable because she was just short of the needed spend.

“So I went to Coles today,” she began. “Spent $59.47. Only got one little shopper.”

No budging

After ‘appealing to the register lady’, the woman learned she was just 53c (although she claims she was 47c) away from spending the required amount to get two collectables — $60.

But instead of budging, the check-out assistant stuck to company policy, which dictates customers usually get one toy for every $30 spent.

The woman went on to argue how she had ‘spent thousands of dollars at Coles over the years’ and was inspired her to attempt to employ a manager’s assistance.

“What a sour puss she was,” the woman said of the supervisor’s response. “She declined my request after being 47c away from another Little Shopper.

“I would’ve bought an extra apple had I of (sic) had my calculator going.

“I hate you Coles. Miserable, petty, mean.”

As the supermarket’s staff were simply doing their jobs and sticking the promotion’s rules, other collectors were quick to squash the woman’s claims of unfairness.

The new range of mini collectables will once again feature 30 iconic household items. Source: Coles/Supplied

Backing the staff

“It makes my heart happy that [the staff] didn't back down,” wrote person wrote.

Meanwhile another, who claims to work at a Coles Express, said they’re sticklers for the rules.

Others pointed out the woman’s incorrect maths, as she was actually 53c short of of spending $60, not 47c.

“I’m not a mathematician... but how pissed is she going be when she realises she’s still six cents short,” joked one fellow collector.

The controversy of sorts comes amid thousands of grocery shoppers all over Australia becoming completely engrossed in the promotion’s latest round.

Little Shop is made up of ‘mini’ collectables, which customers can separately purchase a case, mini trolleys, Coles replica truck and toy cash register.

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