Mum sets up hidden camera to bust escape-artist toddler

Kristine Tarbert
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A mum has finally discovered how her toddler has been escaping from her room during nap time after setting up a hidden camera.

Becca, from Texas in the US, wanted to find out how 22-month old Ella was getting out of her crib when she was supposed to be sleeping, so she used her phone to record what she got up to.

Photo: Youtube/Two Turkeys

“I set up my phone on video when I laid down my daughter for a nap. I knew she was climbing out but I wanted to see for myself,” Becca captioned the video on her YouTube channel Two Turkeys.

The cute toddler showed off her escape-artist moves when she made a break for it, getting out of her crib despite its high walls.

The mischievous little girl cleverly leaned out of her cot and piled up her blankets and toys, creating a soft landing on the ground.

Ella used the blankets to soften her landing. Photo: Storyful

When everything was ready, the toddler climbed over the sides of the cot and hotfooted away, even grabbing the phone on her way out.

“She ended up grabbing my phone and taking it with her after she escaped,” Becca wrote.

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