Mum receives sick messages from man trying to buy old school uniforms

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A Sydney mum has shared the sick messages she received when she was trying to sell her daughter’s primary school uniform on Facebook.

Alison Guille wanted to get rid of the dresses and tights that her daughter no longer needed after finishing primary school. But instead of throwing them in the bin she thought perhaps someone else might need them.

But after posting an ad and a photo of the clothes suitable for a girl aged between 10-11 on a Sydney buy, swap and sell page back in May, the mum was inundated with creepy messages.

One man in particular was asking questions about the clothes that left Alison feeling “yucky”.

Alison was trying to sell her daughter’s old primary school uniform. Photo: Getty

“I blocked him because he wanted pictures, up-close, of the crotch area to ‘make sure there was no rips or holes,’” she told

“He wanted to know how often she had worn them and if I had washed them.”

The concerned mum said the questions kept coming and she thought they were strange given the man didn’t appear to have any children himself. But when he started asking for pictures she decided enough was enough.

The man was asking ‘creepy’ questions about the clothes. Photo: Getty

“When he asked for pictures I felt like he was a pervert and there was no way I would take pictures like that. It’s like violating my child’s privacy,” she told the publication.

“And, when he kept insisting on me sending him pictures to make sure they were in good condition, I decided there is no way, as a mum, I could let him collect from my home or, in fact, even have something that had been so close to my child’s private parts.”

She eventually blocked the man – who then changed his name and profile picture – and gave up on selling the clothes.

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