'Absolutely insane': Outrage at Mum charging $125 to attend son's birthday party

A debate has been sparked online after a mum revealed she had been charged £70 for her son to attend a birthday party [Photo: Getty]

A mum in the UK has taken to the internet to call out a fellow parent who is ‘charging’ a £70 (about AUD$125) attendance fee for her son’s birthday party.

The topic has sparked a fiery debate on parenting site Mumsnet where the mum of a boy who has been invited to the go-karting party asked for help in deciding how to RSVP.

On the site, the woman explained that her teen had been invited to the bash, and that the transport to the event would be provided.

“DS (Darling Son) is at a newish school - he was so happy to have been invited to a karting birthday party - turns out the whole class were invited - details were - the date - the activity - transport provided (it’s a 80 mile round trip) and a request of Amazon vouchers for present,” she wrote.

Footing the bill

But the woman has since received several more updates from the host asking for financial contributions to cover the cost of the go-karting and transport there and back.

“I’ve been updated with further texts from the mother of birthday boy asking for deposits for the karting (£20) and the remainder on the day (£30) THEN that was followed up by a request for £20 for the transport,” she continued.

And it didn’t end there.

“This morning she (in my opinion) has the gall to request we pack a generous picnic with ice packs and pack extra so the birthday boy doesn’t have to bring anything.”

Though the mum is leaning towards skipping the party and taking her son and a friend go-karting instead, her husband thinks that if everyone else is going it would be a shame for their son to miss out.

Should you charge parents to attend a birthday party? [Photo: Getty]

Party poopers

Most users were of the opinion that it was a totally unreasonable request to ask other parents to fork out so much for the party.

“I would be so annoyed at this,” one user wrote.

“It's not a party. A party doesn't mean other kids having to pay to attend. It's horrible for her to drip feed all of this too after you have accepted. I would have a good mind to tell your son that instead of going, he can have the 70 odd quid to spend on himself!”

“She essentially wants everyone else to pay for her sons birthday. No way would my DC be going,” another parent agreed.

“That is absolutely insane. I would definitely decline,” another commented.

”Surely if you are throwing the party, you pay for everyone? She sounds cheap.”

Making bank

Others even suggested the mum might be trying to make a profit from her son’s birthday.

“Wow!! I agree sounds like she may be making a profit I wonder is she has form for doing this type of thing?” one parent wrote.

“She must be planning on a massive profit. No way would go karting and transport for 30 teens cost over 2k,” another commented.

But some people did think the mum should consider sending her son to the party.

“Ordinarily I would decline on account of the ridiculousness but you say he's at a new school...that does make a difference,” one user wrote.

“If going to this party is going to help him make friends and settle in then I might have to suck it up and just seethe privately.”

“I hate unexpected random costs and extra add ons, but you know deep down that on this occasion you are going to have to suck it up and just thank God you can afford it,” another parent agreed.

Additional reporting by Marie Claire Dorking.

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