Mum offered $34 compo after enduring a caesarean with no anaesthetic

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Laying on an operating table and enduring surgery without pain killers sounds like something from a horror movie.

But for Delfina Mota, that’s exactly what she said happened during the labour of her daughter. 

The new mum from San Diego, California is claiming she wasn’t given anaesthetic when surgeons operated on her to deliver little Cali, now eight months. 

New mum  Delfina Mota has claimed she endured a caesarean section without being given anaesthesia eight months ago, during the birth of her daughter, Cali. Source: NBC 7

“Once I felt it, I was just screaming like, ‘Stop. I can feel it. I can feel it’. And after that, I’m pretty sure I passed out from the pain,” Delfina told NBC 7.

The birth was like a living nightmare

“It was like something like out of a horror movie,” she continued. “You can’t imagine. I would rather have delivered Cali vaginally, with no medicine, than being cut with a knife.”

Her fiancé Paul Iheanachor said he was still traumatised from hearing her screams, describing the harrowing sounds of his partner to her being “gutted like a fish”. 

After the alleged incident, he said staff at the Tri-City Medical Center offered the pair a $34 gift card for the hospital’s gift store to “smooth things over”. 

“I’ve discussed this with people, and they say, ‘Where did this happen…, in some third-world country?'” Paul said. 

Delfina, pictured shortly after the birth of her daughter. Source: NBC 7

“And I say, ‘No, right here in San Diego’, which is just unbelievable,” he finished. 

Parents take legal action

The distraught parents have now filed a law suit against the hospital.

A spokesperson for Tri-City Medical Center denied the claims in a statement issued to NBC 7, calling the allegation “outrageous”. 

“Patient safety and quality are the utmost priorities for Tri-City Medical Center and all of our partners,” Aaron Byzak, Chief Government and External Affairs Officer said. “The patient was administered anaesthesia prior to the surgery.

“We are pleased that the baby is ‘healthy’ and ‘happy’.”

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