Mum livid after friend brings her own lunchbox to dinner party

Sarah Carty
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There’s nothing worse than hosting a dinner party, only to find out that not everybody is onboard with the cuisine you had planned to cook.

However, one mum is absolutely livid after her friend, Jane, claimed she had no issues with the Turkish feast she was about to lay out but then brought her own food with her on the night.

The mum, who goes by the name ‘mmmgoats’ on Mumsnet, said she was ‘embarrassed’ but Jane seemed to have no qualms about whipping out a pre-packed lunchbox and munching on that while the others were having dinner.

“Did a Turkish theme, had falafel as a starter, moussaka as a main and plenty of wine. Anyway I had already messaged on the group what I was planning as I know Turkish food isn’t for everyone. No problem, everyone looking forward to it,” the mum started the post.

A mum is livid after a friend brought her own lunchbox of food to her dinner party. Photo: Getty Images

“Friends arrived, wine poured, sat down for starters. Jane looks over the food and then laughed and said oh I’m glad I brought this just in case.

“And goes to her bag and pulls out a lunchbox with a panini type sandwich, a dairy lea lunchable and some crisps. Which she proceeds to eat while the rest of us have what I’ve served.”

The mum said she awkwardly apologised and asked Jane if she wanted something else, however Jane said she simply didn’t feel like having Turkish food that night.

“It was all a bit awkward as we had our meals and she ate her little home packed meal, occasionally making comments like ‘I’m cutting down anyway, so the moussaka would be too rich for me!’ with a little laugh,” she continued.

The mum was shocked at her friend’s antics. Photo: HBO

While some people called Jane’s antics ‘rude’, others claimed she might have dietary requirements and didn’t want to make a fuss.

“If you really like her and she has been a friend to you through difficult times, I’d just put it down to eccentricity. Either that or a problem she is keeping to herself for the moment,” one person said.

“Maybe she’s veggie or has intolerances and didn’t want to make a fuss?” another said.

While another person said they wouldn’t press her as she might have some issues with food that the mum doesn’t know about.

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