This mum did a baby 'cake smash' using McDonald's cheeseburgers

Kristine Tarbert

Everyone is doing cake smashes these days, but one mum has decided to try something a little different.

Lauren Ashcraft, from Alaska, says her son Liam had always been a little “chunkier” than his twin sister and so she and her photographer friend Laura Stennett came up with the idea to use cheeseburgers instead of a cake.

“We were kind of celebrating how big and strong he was despite being a twin and born at a smaller birth weight,” Lauren tells Be exclusively.

Liam Ashcraft does a 'cheeseburger smash'. Photo: Laura Stennett Photography

“Laura had the idea to surround him in cheeseburgers as a play on a cake smash. He had never had a cheeseburger before that day and found out that he really enjoys pickles!”

Liam indulges in a McDonald's cheeseburger. Photo: Laura Stennett Photography

Although the family love cheeseburgers, Lauren stresses they are not something they have all the time.

Mum Lauren and photographer friend Laura came up with the idea. Photo: Lauren Stennett Photography

“He had never had that amount of food in front of him before and he wasn't quite sure what was going on but then he just started going to town smashing the burgers,” she tells us.

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Lauren says cheeseburgers isn't something the family has all the time. Photo: Laura Stennett Photography

The eight-month-old definitely looks like he is enjoying himself, but Lauren says some people didn’t agree with her choice of fast food for the photos so they teamed up again for another idea.

Some people didn't agree with the choice of fast food. Photo: Laura Stennett Photography

“We had a few sanctimummies not agree with giving a baby cheeseburgers even in a photo shoot type setting, so Laura and I decided it would be silly to shoot his twin with all organic fruit and vegetables,” she says.

Lola loved smashing into her veggies. Photo: Laura Stennett Photography

Photographer Lauren says she loved trying something different for this photo shoot.

“Everyone does cake smashes these days...burgers just seemed hilarious and way more fitting for Liam,” she tells Be.

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