Furious mum banned from sharing pics of kids on family chat

Lauren Clark
A furious mum has been banned from posting pictures of her kids in their family Whatsapp group. Photo: Getty Images

A mum-of-two has been left “annoyed and upset” after being banned from posting pictures of her kids in an extended family WhatsApp group.

She revealed in a post online how her husband’s brother and his wife find it “difficult” when she posts pictures of her seven and four-year-old sons because his seven-year-old daughter has special educational needs and he “feels the comparison”.

In a post on Mumsnet, the woman explained: “Brother in law is now depressed due to financial difficulties, not working, likely to divorce and struggling to cope with fact that his daughter has special educational needs.

“The problem. Parents in law are trying to help brother in law and six months ago suggested that I didn’t post pictures of my darling sons on family WhatsApp group as it may be difficult for brother in law as he feels the comparison.

“Sister in law does put pictures of their darling daughter on the family chat. As do other members of the family.

“At this time I said that I would send over half the photos to grandparents individually.”

The mum continued: “I usually post once a week or less to the family group and maybe another few pics to grandparents individually.

However, she revealed that at a recent family wedding her father-in-law approached her and her husband individually to ask them not to post any images of their children at all.

He suggested they have a separate family WhatsApp group - but the woman wasn’t convinced.

“I just feel a bit irritated by this. I like the family WhatsApp community, don’t feel a group with everyone apart from brother in law and sister in law is right and can’t really be bothered finding everyone in my contacts list every time I’m trying to be nice and maintaining family relationships,” she said.

Mixed response online

Her post received a mixed response from Mumsnet users.

One person wrote: “It's an easy thing to do. Set up a group called family photos with people that want to see them and send pictures there. Why are you making it a big deal?”

Another commented: “I think this is grossly unfair. Why shouldn't you be allowed to share your child's photos with family.

“Granted it must be heartbreaking for your brother in law to have a child who needs extra support, he shouldn't make you feel guilty for being proud of your child's achievements.”

A third shared: “I have a child with special educational needs. We have a family group chat and my cousin puts pictures on of her son who is the same age as mine. I understand why she shares them but it can hurt.”

And a fourth added: “I do understand how you feel, but how many people are in this group? It can’t be that much effort to make a separate group, can it? It’s annoying, but I’d do it.”

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