Mum 'irritated' by friends who keep ‘making up names’ for her daughter

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A woman has blasted her friends for ‘making up names’ for her daughter.

Taking to parenting forum Mumsnet to vent, the unnamed woman was ‘irritated’ byt the fact she and her husband had named their daughter Meghan – but others were using shortened nicknames.

“We call her Megan at home,” she wrote.

“Other people seem to think it’s ok to change it to other versions: Meg, Meggy, Megs.

Her name is Megan and that is what we call her at home. [Am I being unreasonable] to think people should just call her by the name her parents use and not make names up?!

“It really bloody irritates me.”

Are you for or against nicknames? Photo: Getty
Are you for or against nicknames? Photo: Getty

Some agreed with the mother, that it would be very annoying.

“My son’s name gets shortened and it’s annoying so I get it,” one person commented.

“I do get your annoyance, but think you have to swallow it. My son has a name that I didn’t want to be shortened but which often is,” another wrote.

Most people however said that it wasn’t something she is going to be able to control and she needed to “get over it”.

“Oh dear you’re going to have a hard time in future,” one person wrote. “She’s going to be called variations on her name throughout her life, so you probably need to relax a bit over it now, get used to it.

“Oh get over yourself. You don’t own your daughter, her name or other people’s free will, so you call her what you want at home, and others will call her what they want elsewhere,” another added.

“Bit of a first world problem – chill. If she is happy with various abbreviations then it’s fine,” was another comment.

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