Mum horrified by nanny cam footage of intruder exposing himself

Allison Yee
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

They’re the handy cameras that help worried parents keep an eye on their little ones while they sleep, but one family has been left completely shocked after finding horrifying footage on their nanny cam of an intruder in their house.

The Utah family have gone public their story in a bid to catch the intruder, with the couple only realising the next morning that something was amiss when they noticed a few odd things such as their bedroom door being open.

The intruder walks around the bedroom while the family – including their baby son – sleeps. Photo: Facebook/laytoncitypolice

The unidentified dad decided to check the nanny cam, which he had only installed a month earlier, and immediately spotted the intruder in their bedroom, walking just inches away from his sleeping eight-month son.

The footage has been posted on the Layton City Police Department Facebook page, with police revealing the man also exposed himself next to the sleeping mum and baby.

“The baby cam captured footage of him walking around the master bedroom exposing himself and standing next to the bed and crib where a woman and her baby slept,” Layton City Police Department captioned the clip.

Police are on the hunt for the intruder, with the footage shocking people around the world. Photo: Facebook/laytoncitypolice

Fox 13 claims all doors to the house were locked, and it’s left the couple – who also have a two-year-old daughter – worried that this isn’t the first time he may broken into their home.

“It terrifies me. I really don’t know how to process it,” the unidentified mum told Fox 13.

“It almost feels like someone has taken away my virtue, in a way without my consent.”

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