Mum horrified after giving baby same name as partner's ex

Naming your baby can be one of the hardest tasks a new mum can face.

You’re trying to avoid the popular choices and steer clear of the unusual and weird options.

Then there’s the association of other people who already have the same name, like say, an ex girlfriend.

A mum has gone online to rant that the baby name she’d chosen is the same as her other half’s ex [Photo: Getty]

But that’s exactly the problem one mum has after discovering she’d unwittingly named her baby after her partner’s old flame. Talk about awki


“We had decided on Sophie for a name and my other half has just told me it is an ex girlfriends name,” she wrote on Mumsnet.

She went on to say that her other half had tried to explain the choice by downplaying his relationship.

“He tried to justify it saying it was a daft under 16 relationship but I’m still raging,” she added.

She later shared a second post revealing that her other half had initially made a big issue about it, before trying to back track.

“I just wish he didn’t tell me! I’m hormonal and had my heart set on Sophie,” she explained.

Other parents were quick to step in to offer their opinions on the thorny topic, with many saying they couldn’t understand why she was so upset.

“What exactly are you angry about?” one user wrote. “Sophie is an extremely popular name of course you were bound to come across a few.”

“If it’s that much of a deal breaker then pick another name there’s plenty out there,” another added.

“Not sure how I feel about being named after your ex dad!” [Photo: Getty]

Other parents shared examples of similar naming debates they’d experienced.

“My husband vetoed every name he had a ‘relationship’ with,” one woman wrote.

“I didn’t care, and thought he was being ridiculous – it’s not like you’re going to look at your daughter and think of Dorris from 2003 who was a firecracker.”

Some parents could totally see where the original poster was coming from.

“I’m in the minority here I think but I totally agree,” one said, while another added they could “feel her pain”.

This isn’t the only baby moniker debate that has been raging of late.

Earlier this month a mum-to-be turned to the Internet for some advice on whether or not it would be ok to use the same baby name as her sister.

And earlier this year another mum kickstarted a furious row after asking if hyphenated baby names are ‘common’.

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