Daughter fumes after parents ask her to pay to visit them

Eliza Velk
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A woman has sparked a hot debate online after hitting out at her parents after they asked her to visit them at Christmas, but requested she pay for her own place to stay.

Posting to the Mumsnet forum, the woman revealed her sticky situation before seeking advice on whether it’s “normal, a bit mean, or seriously mean?” for her parents to ask this of her. 

“So basically, parents live in a small house. They want us to come home for Xmas, which we’re (me and siblings) happy to do, we all get on great. Except this year they are having some older family members over too who will understandably need to stay in their house for comfort reasons and there isn’t room for us all,” the post started. 

“So they want us kids to rent a flat (none of us live in hometown we are all driving up from different cities, 20s and 30s and all have jobs). They want us to pay for the rented flat.”

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She then revealed that her sister thinks this is ‘mean’ of parents to ‘summon’ them back to the family home and make them pay – she deemed it to be ‘tight’ considering their parents supposedly have a six-figure income. 

“They think we’re adults and should pay our way as they usually sort out all the food and booze for Xmas and they say that’s really expensive (I can appreciate that, although none of us are xmas binger types). 

A mum was shocked to hear her parents want her to visit for Christmas but pay for her own place to stay. Source: 20th Television

“My sister thinks this isn’t a valid reason as it is a normal part of being a parent, even to adult kids. As in another thread I saw on here, they don’t believe in helping us out financially in any way.”

When she concluded the post asking what others thought, she was hit with a fair bit of backlash from people who believe the request is totally reasonable and they should stop acting so ‘entitled.’

“They are inviting you for Christmas and its about time you grew up and stopped expecting mammy and daddy to pay for everything,” one person fumed.

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“YABU [You Are Being Unreasonable] to be thinking of siding with her. Your parents offer is 100% normal,” another said.

Overall the general consensus was simply “if you don’t want to pay, don’t go” but what’s your call?

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