Aussie mum calls Bunnings a 'marriage destroyer' in hilarious rant

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

It’s a Saturday morning ritual for many families, making their way to Bunnings to pick up some household goods and then grab a sausage sizzle on their way out.

But one mum has described Bunnings Warehouse as a “marriage destroyer disguised as a DIY paradise”.

The woman, who is known as Far Kew on Facebook, has posted a lengthy rant about the hardware shop on her social media account, slamming it as a “hell-hole” which can be “damaging to relationships”.

She details all the hurdles that come with a trip to Bunnings, starting off by saying everything starts off cool as a cucumber with the kids as they make their way around the shop with their miniature shopping carts, until soon enough, they “start to crack the shits”.

“The next one comes when you don’t know if the goods you’re after are in aisle 44 or aisle 2,” she wrote, moving onto the next hurdle.

This one particularly hits the mark, as she describes the pain of trying to navigate a flat Bunnings trolley around aisle after aisle, while you’re trying to juggle kids and aiming to avoid “kneecapping strangers with this unwieldy beast”.

After describing the manure aisle as “testing”, dissecting the painful process of picking out plants as a couple and loading up on random items you think are cheap but you don’t actually need in your life at all, she moves on to the dreaded checkout process.

“The barcodes are hidden under 400 kilos of potting mix and shit. Your bird netting is smashed between the cheap $30 door for your saw horses and the piping for the strawberry patch. The kids are now thumping each other and reminding you why you always say that a trip to Bunnings is like sticking a knife in your eye on the weekend.

This mum has a lot of feelings about Bunnings Warehouse. Photo: Getty Images

“The Husband is staring at you like he wants to leave you for Crystal at the checkout,” she wrote.

Her post has already received over 4,500 comments, with many people agreeing wholeheartedly with the disgruntled mum.

“My husband hates Bunnings! I on the other hand love it, and I love going by myself so it's a win for both of us. I often see families and couples & everything is a big adventure in the beginning but by the end of it the husband and wife are not speaking to each other or arguing and shouting at the kids. It's a lesson in patience,” one woman wrote.

“I think this was written from watching the security footage of our last visit to Bunnings,” another woman wrote.

Others totally disagreed, with many saying their weekly trip to Bunnings is their favourite pastime.

“I love Bunnings and their sausages. I'd rather go to Bunnings than a dress shop. But then, I don't go with a male. I know exactly what I want, how much I need but it's when I get to the plants, a whole different story.”

“I just celebrated my 80th birthday. I asked for Bunnings gift cards as presents. I’m always in there and seldom come out under $100.”

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