Mum gets the perfect revenge on nosy stranger

Eliza Velk
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Nobody likes being told how to parent, especially by people who really don’t understand the situation at hand.

So when one mum was told off by a ‘cranky old lady’ for her noisy kids, she revealed that she couldn’t help but serve up the perfect revenge.

In a trending Reddit thread shared by user crou87, the mum opened up about having to manage her twin kids at doctors, who, as she suspected were not happy to sit quietly.

“I was at the doctor’s office today and had to bring my 15-month-old twins with me. These kiddos do not enjoy being cooped up in a stroller but letting them wander around isn’t an option since they both will immediately bolt in opposite directions. They have clean nappies, they’ve been fed and hydrated, so at this point, any fussing is just stroller-related crankiness,” she started the post.

The mum of twins was prepared for tantrums only not from other people. Source: Road Show Films

Wanting to be prepared and considerate of the others who were in the waiting room, she revealed that she had packed plenty of snacks and sippy cups, only that wasn’t enough.

“Sure enough 5 minutes in they lose their mind so I instantly start giving them snacks and also walking back and forth in the very very large waiting room. I am at the back area and not even close to being in anyone’s way and as long as I am pacing, the beasties will quietly munch away on their cheerios,” she said.

“At one point I stop pacing to hear the doctor mumble the next patient’s name in another barely audible whisper and this is where cranky old lady decides to weigh in on my parenting.

“I hear a huffing noise and look over at her and the second we make eye contact she says, ‘Oh my gawd you have got to stop walking up and down that back area. You’re making me dizzy. Also you really shouldn’t be feeding them that much, just SIT DOWN and they will relax too. Watching toddlers really shouldn’t be that hard hun.'”

Are you really telling me how to parent? Source: Paramount Pictures

Little did she know she picked the wrong mum to tell how to parent.

“Thanks. Firstly, while my girls are very healthy, they were preemies born at 3lb/1.5kg and are still very tiny so I will feed them all the damn cheerios I want. Secondly, I am doing all this not for myself or the twins but for the benefit of all those around us. Finally, I was waiting to find out if my scans showed cancer or not (hurray scans were clean) so I was all out of f**ks to give at the moment.”

“Now for the malicious compliance. I take her advice and sit down. Right next to her. Tons of empty seats everywhere by the way. Instantly they start screaming their heads off and what do I do? I pull out my book and start reading.

“Anyone who has ever been seated next to a strangers baby having a meltdown, close your eyes, imagine that shitty moment and now double it to account for twins.

“Within 5 minutes she is looking like she is about to snap and suggests they might want a snack. To which I calmly respond ‘Nah, I really shouldn’t be feeding them that much’ and calmly turn the page of my book.

The mum was pretty proud of her sweet revenge. Source: Open Road Films

“Ten minutes later my name is finally called and this lady looks like she is ready to give up on life. I, however, have read my first chapter in ages. I guess watching toddlers really isn’t that hard after all,” she mocks.

Fellow Reddit users were quick to comment on the thread showing their support of the mum wanting some sweet revenge.

“Twins and cancer screening? She’s lucky you didn’t shove the Cheerios in her rude mouth,” one person commented.

While another said, “Seriously, I doubt she’ll ever comment on anyone’s parenting ever again. You did parents everywhere a favour.”

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