Video of mum freaking out over a spider in her car is all of us

Sarah Carty
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A Melbourne mum’s hilarious video showing her freaking out over a massive spider in her car is going viral.

Laura Mazza, who runs the Mum on the Run blog, took to her Facebook page to upload the footage of the frightening moment she discovered the grey spider crawling on the driver door.

The mum was so shaken up that she actually had to stop filming because she was vomiting and screaming so much.

“I’m just in a drive-through and I have to show you what I just f*****g saw,” Laura started the video.

A mum has posted a hilarious video online of the moment she finds a massive spider in her car. Photo: Facebook/Laura Mazza

She then spans to the door, where the creepy crawly can be seen.

“Holy f***ing s***. Oh Jesus, oh my god… Oh f***. Holy f***, please don’t go on me. Oh s*** What do you want from me? State your purpose,” she said, before her kids can be heard in the back of the car scareming out “oh f**k”.

“I’m sweating, I’m sweating, where the f*** were you? Oh my god, oh god, the string is coming out of it’s a***, I’m going to vomit.

“Kids, we need to go out of the car… We need to burn this car,” she continues

“Holy f***, please don’t go on me. Oh s***. Holy f***.”

The spider was actually massive. Photo: Facebook/Laura Mazza

Laura tells her followers that she’s actually recording the moment so she can send it to her husband, because he thinks she over exaggerates.

“Kick him out mum,” the kids scream in the back, before Laura turns off the camera.

Then, she comes back online when she’s safe in the haven of her home.

“I couldn’t record anymore because I was vomiting and screaming and we are inside the house,” she said.

The mum’s screaming is exactly how we would all react in that scenario. Photo: Facebook/Laura Mazza

“The spider is still outside the car, somewhere. I did flick it off the door and go to step on it but it ran away… and I think went back onto the car.

“I can still see and feel it everywhere. I can’t stop touching and scratching myself. I don’t know if I vomited from disgust or fear.”

The mum then turns to her two kids and asked them what words they learned that day, to which they both reply ‘oh f***’ over and over again.

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