Mum finds 'treasure trove' of vintage dresses in attic: 'Wow'

A mum from Georgia in America's south has shared photos of vintage dresses she found in a deceased family member's attic, and people can't get enough of the cool finds.

"We have been cleaning out my husband’s family home and found a treasure trove of vintage clothing that belonged to his aunt," Angie posted in a Facebook group dedicated to unusual secondhand discoveries.

"I talked our 16-year-old daughter into trying the clothes on (after I cleaned them) and they fit her like they were tailored just for her."

Angie explained that she decided to do a photoshoot of her daughter in the clothes for her husband for Father's Day, sharing the pics with her daughter's face covered by emojis to conceal her identity.

"He said it was one of the best gifts he's ever received. There are several other outfits all 1950s or '60s but this was my favourite," she added.

Teenage girl modelling vintage dresses found in an attic, face concealed with emojis
Angie's favourite among the attic finds is the black-and-white vintage dress, as modelled by her 16-year-old daughter. The second frock is from when Angie's great uncle-in-law was stationed in Japan. Photo: Facebook (Facebook)

Each outfit had a beautiful story that accompanied it, like the custom-made dress from when the great aunt's husband was stationed in Japan.

The post quickly went viral, amassing over 41,000 likes and almost 2,000 comments.

"WOW! That's just gorgeous! I hope you decide to keep them all, just too gorgeous to get rid of," one person wrote.

"She looks beautiful!!! I hope she treasures this family moment forever. And the clothes too," someone else said.

It's a trend that seems to be taking off around the world as people embrace reusing and recycling over the cheap fast fashions of today.

"Clothes then were made better and had class and style," one person wrote.

"Here in the UK the vintage clothes are in vogue, our daughter has recently raided my mum's wardrobe," another person shared. "Blouses and shoes have gone her way so far! She's coming back for more of a rummage."

The second outfit Angie shared was a pale blue shift dress with a reverse Peter Pan collar, likely from the late 1950s or early '60s.

"I chose this one because my daughter has decided to wear it to a school interview," she said. "Each person must have a topic and she will be discussing sustainability and recycling. What better way to showcase that than wearing a vintage dress of great aunt's?"

An American teen modelling a pale blue shift dress with backward Peter Pan collar, face concealed with emojis
This late 1950s or early '60s dress looks like it was made to fit Angie's 16-year-old daughter. Photo: Facebook (Facebook)

Each outfit had a beautiful story that accompanied it, like the custom-made dress from when Angie's great uncle-in-law was stationed in Japan.

"This is my daughter's favourite 'attic find', the first picture is the day she tried it on and the other two are from the photoshoot for her dad.

"We made a portrait out of the one of her seated. Her dad has been teaching her to play so we wanted to include her guitar," Angie shared.

"The cut of this dress is in style again, which is why I think it was the first one she chose to keep," she added.

Teen girl modelling floral vintage dress with puffy sleeves
Angie's daughter said this dress was her favourite of the attic finds. Photo: Facebook (Facebook)

The final outfit she shared was her husband's favourite.

"This is the lace dress I soaked several times trying to get it clean. She said this one is itchy and hopes she doesn't have to wear it again, but it was one of her dad's favourites," Angie wrote in the post.

"I may be crazy but I could see someone using this as a wedding dress. My daughter is adamant that it will not be her!"

Teen modelling vintage white lace dress that may have been a bridal gown
Angie thinks this dress would make a great wedding dress. Photo: Facebook (Facebook)

Members of the group were keen to find out if Angie was willing to part with any of her beautiful finds, but she's waiting to see what her daughter would like to keep first.

"I am probably going to sell what she doesn't want to keep," Angie replied.

"My daughter would absolutely flip over these dresses," one lady said and it seemed that most of the group agreed.

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