Mum faces backlash after letting daughter sleep in

Sarah Carty
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A mum has been shamed online after asking a group of other parents whether she should let her daughter sleep in and be late for school.

The mum took to parenting forum Mumsnet, where she revealed that her seven-year-old daughter hasn’t slept in the past week and by 4pm in the evening she is like a ‘zombie’.

A debate quickly raged between mums on the forum, with some claiming she should give her daughter a monthly doona day and others horrified by the suggestion.

“I’d let her sleep as long as possible but not let her have a day off, could set a precedent she would like to repeat,” one person said.

Another commenter, who believed the child might not be sleeping due to the hot UK summer weather, said they would let her sleep as long as possible and spend the day in a quiet and cool room and let her rehydrate.

A mum has been slammed for letting her seven-year-old daughter sleep in and be late for school. Photo: Getty Images

One woman said that she was about to start the exact same thread because her six-year-old son hasn’t been sleeping and she believes he might have spent too much time in the sun over the weekend.

“We’re going to go in when he’s had his breakfast etc but I’m not going to rush him. I know people say it’s only a bit of heat, but it’s not something we’re used to and it’s thrown a lot of people esp kids out of whack,” she wrote.

However, people were conflicted when one mum brought up having a doona day every month.

“A monthly duvet day was fine for my kids. To be taken on a day of their choosing,” she wrote.

The response was swift.

“A monthly duvet day?” one person replied. “Seriously? Not the best ethic to install into your kids is it”.

“If I genuinely thought my child was exhausted and needed the day off, I would invent a temperature and tell them I was keeping them off because they were ill,” another said.

“I wouldn’t tell them it was a duvet day, because that sets the expectation that you don’t have to go to school when you are tired and it’s hot.”

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