'My brother didn't recognise me': Mum drops 57kg

This stay at home mum lost an incredible 57kg. Photo: Media Drum World

Krystal Wall has battled with her weight since childhood, and as a stay at home mum of two, became fed up with her unhealthy lifestyle.

The 33-year-old’s typical day on a plate was two big bowls of cereal for breakfast, pasta for lunch, and a cheeseburger and fries for dinner, with cookies, brownies, ice cream and chocolate as snacks.

But the most concerning thing was the way she was thinking about herself, with Krystal saying, “I was constantly preoccupied about the way other people must have thought about me.”

She couldn't afford weightloss surgery so she tried diet and exercise instead. Photo: Media Drum World

“I was constantly trying to sit, walk or stand in a way that made me look as small as possible and this was a huge hindrance on just being able to enjoy life.

“I realised I was missing out on life and missing so many experiences.”

She consulted a doctor and was recommended bariatric surgery but couldn’t afford it, so instead she decided to try diet and exercise.

Hitting the gym every morning has been hard, but she’s managed to lose an incredible 57kg from her starting weight of 146kg. That means she now wears a size 12 instead of a size 26.

“My brother Caleb didn’t even recognise me at first when I was at a wedding recently,” Krystal, from Georgia, USA, said.

Her brother didn't recognise her. Photo: Media Drum World

“The weight loss has changed my life and even enhanced all the things that were already good about living. I have so much energy now for my children and I’m enthusiastic about being active.

“I’m far more productive. I’m comfortable in my own skin which is something I’ve never experienced before. I now love to go on adventures, meet new people and take on new physical challenges.”

Reporting by Media Drum World

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