Mum 'disturbed' after burglar breaks into toddler's room

Rebekah Scanlan
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Horrifying footage of a man breaking into a toddler’s room has emerged and it’s the actual stuff of  nightmares.

A video of the man entering through a window in Houston, US, has been shared on social media and has gone viral because of its chilling nature, with Mum Lisa D’Alessandro admitting she’s been left “disturbed”.

“It was pretty disturbing and unsettling to see someone in your house, and to see somebody in your kid’s room,” she told Click2Houston.

A horrified mum has shared footage of a burglar breaking into her home through her toddler’s bedroom. Source: Click2Houston

To add to the ordeal, there’s no doubt the intruder knew he had entered a child’s bedroom as there’s a crib and the room is full of toys.


But he decided to proceed with his stealing spree anyway.

The intruder can be seen stealing from the toddler’s jewellery box. Source: Click2Houston

“He opened her jewellery box. It’s obviously a toddler’s room and he stole a dollar bill out of her play wallet. So, pretty disturbing,” Lisa said.

He also stole jewellery and other items with sentimental value.

Thankfully, the family weren’t home but their home security captured him riffling through their home for 45 minutes.

It’s hoped sharing the footage will help identify the man, who was caught on camera terrorising other members of the neighbourhood and stealing from mailboxes.

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