Mum credits CrossFit for catching two-metre shark

Imagine trying to wrestle a two-metre shark for two hours.

That’s exactly what Lauren Biggers had to do when a huge blacktip shark took her fishing bait off the coast of Surfside Beach in Texas.

But while many would have let the whopper ocean beast go, the mum-of-two was able to summon all her strength to reel him in — and credits CrossFit for her ability to do so.

Lauren Biggers reeled in this 7-foot shark after a two-hour fight. Then she released it back into the ocean. (Photo: Lauren Biggers via Facebook)

Lauren had been at the beach to celebrate her husband’s 30th birthday. But while her friends chose to head out on a boat, she stayed behind to fish.

We were in the water, and I was keeping an eye on the lines while we were hanging out,” she told Fox News. “I saw one get a bite, so I got out and as soon as I did the other pole went off.”

She said that when she heard the drag of one of the poles, she knew it was something big. 

It took two hours for her to reel in the shark, so there was plenty of time for a crowd to gather and pull out their cameras.

“I do think that doing CrossFit helped me, I don’t think I could have reeled a shark that weighed more than me in without it,” she added.

“It was the most incredible feeling once I finally got him to shore because in my head I kept wondering if I’d be able to do it alone, but I wanted to be the one who got him there.”

Once the shark reached the shore, Christian Brantley, who was eating at a restaurant nearby, ran to help pull it onto the beach.

She took a few photos with her possibly record-breaking catch, then released it back into the water.

“We were more concerned with getting him safely back in the water, unharmed, so we didn’t get a precise measurement.” 

“Shark Girl” Biggers poses with her catch. (Photo: Lauren Biggers via Facebook)

While Lauren, or “Shark Girl,” as her husband now calls her, has a big fish story to tell — one has to wonder what the shark is going to tell its friends.

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