Married mum starts naked cleaning business charging $190 per hour

Mum Claire O’Conner has set up a naked cleaning business called Fantasy Clean and she charges up to $190 per hour.

The married mum-of-three ditched her job as a hotel cleaner and will instead clean homes wearing no clothes.

She was inspired to start her business in Walderslade, UK, after coming across a woman who was doing clothes-free cleaning in Plymouth.

Claire O'Connor used to work as a cleaner in a hotel. Photo: Mega

“It's still early stages of getting it going. I thought why not try something different? I thought someone will enjoy it,” the 35-year-old said about her new business venture.

“I'm quite outgoing, I'm not a shy kind of person. It might be kind of awkward the first few times, but the more you get to know the client, the more it will subside.

“It will be domestic cleaning with one cleaner and one client in the house, obviously no going outside.

“There will be no funny business, no touching, no taking photos, no extras, just going in, doing your work and leaving.”

Claire has created a three-tiered pricing structure dependent on what her clients are looking for.

This includes $190 (£95) per hour for fully-nude cleaning, $165 (£85) for topless, or $150 (£75) for lingerie or in an outfit such as a French maid.

Claire offers three-tiers of cleaning - nude, topless, or in lingere. Photo: Facebook/Fantasy Cleaning

If her idea is successful she hopes to employ men and women to join her business. She will carry out checks on people’s homes before agreeing to take them on as clients to ensure she is going about her work safely.

Regardless of the financial potential of her idea, it took her husband, Rob, a little time to adjust to the idea.

“He's on board, he is fine with it; he knows what kind of person I am. I am a little bit crazy and he knows it's not to do with that kind of thing,” she said.

Her new idea however has sparked strong opinions with locals, with people either loving or hating the idea.

“She's turned an hourly rate around from what would typically be minimum wage to more than a doctor earns. Good luck to her, I say,” one local resident said.

Another who is not so keen said: “How low will some people go to make money. It's a form of prostitution. Is nothing sacred or decent in this world anymore?”

With reporting by Caroline Allen.

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