'Sell up and move': Woman's terrifying find on bathroom wall

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A woman has sparked a flurry of terror online after sharing a photo of a cringeworthy find on her bathroom wall.

Unsure what to do, she took to the ‘Mums Who Clean’ Facebook group to ask: “What should I do? These are on the bathroom wall”.

Wasp nest on bathroom wall
A mum has asked the internet for help after finding brown blobs on her bathroom wall. Photo: Facebook

An accompanying photo showed a cluster of eight oval-shaped cocoons, which were quickly identified by members of the group.

“Pest controller here,” one person wrote.

“They're mud wasp nests. Inside will be paralysed spiders with a wasp egg on them. Literally scrape them off and bin them. No pest control services required,

Others agreed, telling the woman to check nothing was inside them before knocking them off the wall.

One person however erred on the side of caution, writing: “I’d call an exterminator to see what they are; they look like wasp nests maybe.”


Close-Up Of Wasps Outdoors
Mud wasps like to create their nests on surfaces like walls as it's easier for the mud to stick to. Photo: Getty Images

“I whacked mine off with a broom stick but mine were outside. Not sure if safe to do inside though,” another said.

While many seemed to appear like they would take the find in their stride, others were absolutely terrified.

“I’d sell up and move.,” one person wrote.

Another person simply wrote: “Run.”

According to Den Garden, mud wasps like to create their nests on rough surfaces like brick, as it’s easier for the mud to stick to.

They also claim they are ‘the easiest wasps to deal with because they don't attack in a swarm’.

To get rid of the nest, they recommend spraying it first with wasp freeze, making sure there are no wasps in there and scraping it off the wall with a surface scraper.

While some spiders might fall out, they’ve been paralysed by the mud wasps so are not harmful.

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