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This $10 loose tea infuser is actually the most romantic gift my fiancé has ever given me

My fiancé and I have been together for nearly a decade — and we’ve given each other excellent gifts over the years. But after all of the Christmas, birthday, anniversary and “just because” gifts, the best gift from my fiancé has, and will always be, a ridiculous little $10 tea infuser that I got for my 20th birthday.

His name is Mr. Tea. He is a BPA-free silicone tea infuser that is dishwasher- and microwave-safe. I love him, and I would dramatically die a Shakespearean death without him. (He’s also functionally the best one I’ve ever used and still works just as well as he did back then.)

Look how stinking cute he is!!!

$9 at Amazon

The Mr. Tea infuser is a little man who selflessly and lovingly brews loose-leaf tea for me. I just stuff Mr. Tea’s legs and tummy up with whatever loose-leaf tea I feel like drinking and then put his body back together. Then, I perch Mr. Tea on the edge of my mug like he’s at a bougie spa and smile at how cute he is while the tea brews. Then, I sip the tea and am as relaxed as he is.

Basically, the Mr. Tea tea infuser is both super cute and brews a great cup. And he’s only $10 because joy should always be affordable.

Obviously, it’s an excellent gift (hi, it me, I am the proof!) for both tea enthusiasts and those who just enjoy a cup every once in a while. He’s small enough to fit in a stocking and cheap enough to use for an office white elephant gift exchange. Even if you’re not giving him as a gift, he’s super useful to have in your fun kitchen tool arsenal.

Look how stinking cute he is!!!

$9 at Amazon

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