Movie restaurants and hotels you can actually visit

Alicia Vrajlal
Entertainment Editor

Ever wanted to try out that café or the oh-so-fancy restaurant you’ve seen on screen?

Ever wanted to eat at the restaurant featured in Pretty Woman and Mr & Mrs Smith?

Well, during my recent trip to LA with Discover Los Angeles, I scouted out some of the hot spots featured in iconic films… and the odd Taylor Swift music video.

Apart from tasting the exquisite menus, I staged some impromptu photo shoots to take me back in time to when these locations were transformed into buzzing Hollywood sets.


The restaurant scene in Pretty Woman was filmed at Cicada in Los Angeles. Source: Touchstone Pictures

Do you remember that restaurant scene in Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts innocently navigates her way through culinary etiquette as Richard Gere talks business with a bunch of middle-aged blokes?

That scene was filmed in Cicada back in 1990.

Located in Downtown Los Angeles, this Italian restaurant is still popular with locals and tourists over two decades later.

Be’s Entertainment Editor Alicia living her own ‘Pretty Woman’ moment at Cicada. Source: Supplied

Thanks to its delectable menu and glamorous, art deco vibe, you instantly feel like you’re on a Hollywood set, all the while treating your taste buds to heaven.

The one thing missing – my own Richard Gere. A girl can dream.


Mr and Mrs Smith was also filmed at Cicada in Downtown LA. Source: Regency Enterprises/Summit Entertainment

The chemistry between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt was next level electric in Mr & Mrs Smith, and who can forget the fiercely sexy dance between the pair in that restaurant scene.

Funnily enough, Cicada was the choice of location for this scene as well.

As I didn’t have my own Brad Pitt on tour, I tried emulating Angelina’s effortlessly elegant ways of holding a glass of champagne.

The results are below.

Angelina Jolie just being her incredibly elegant self. Source: Regency Enterprises/Summit Entertainment
A girl can try… Source: Supplied


I stayed in the Millenium Biltmore hotel in Downtown Los Angeles.

Of course, my room was nothing less than spectacular, but I found myself marveling over the property’s lobby the most.

Never have I seen a hotel lobby so welcoming, intricately designed, paying homage to the building’s history while adaptable to the modern day traveller’s eye.

Taylor Swift filmed her Delicate music video at the Millenium Biltmore in Downtown Los Angeles. Source: Big Machine Label Group

Politicians and celebrities of the highest calibre have walked through this 1923 hotel, one of the most recent being  a songwriter by the name of Taylor Alison Swift. You may have heard of her.

Taylor used the Millenium Biltmore’s lobby to dance her heart out for the Delicate music video.

And I just happened to take a fab ‘natural’ shot of myself while I was there. See below.

Tried to find the exact tile Taylor was standing on. Source: Supplied


Located in the heart of Tinsel Town on Hollywood Boulevard, Musso and Frank is one of Hollywood’s oldest eateries, but fear not, still one of the most popular.

Mad Men has filmed scenes at this iconic diner and bar, and the family business is famed for its James Bond-style martinis.

Cheers to that.

Mad Men has filmed scenes at Musso and Frank in the heart of Hollywood. Source: Lionsgate
Just trying one of Musso and Frank’s special James Bond-style martinis. Source: Supplied

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