New mum fears mother-in-law will kick her out just days after birth

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If you thought the film Monster-in-Law was bad, wait until you hear about one woman’s experience with her mother-in-law.

A 24-year-old has taken to Mumsnet to get advice over her partner’s very overbearing mother.

A new mum has been made to feel unwanted by her mother-in-law six days after giving birth. Source: Getty

After giving birth just six days before the post, the anonymous sharer told the forum that she felt as though her M-I-L wants her out of the house.

“The pregnancy was unplanned, we have no money and my DP’s [dear partner’s] parents have been kind enough to take us in,” she wrote.

“My DP starts a new higher paid job in September and I’ll go back to work in January. So this is just temporary and we will be back on our feet shortly.”

According to the post, the new mum’s in-laws were lovely to her during the pregnancy but since the baby was born the mother has “really taken over.”

Not only does she feel unwanted in the home, but she feels ‘shunned’ from looking after her own child to the point where she is told to “go upstairs” while the baby is feeding and is refused when asked to hold her own child.

The new mum also revealed that the mother-in-law says the new child is “her baby” too.

The mother-in-law calls the baby “her baby too”. Source: Getty

The whole situation has caused so much stress to the young mum that she asked mums  “what do I do?”.

Like any great mum’s site, the sisterhood was out in full force.

“You urgently find a way of moving out as quickly as possible,” one wrote. “It sounds incredibly stressful.”

“It’s your baby. You get to feed him/her. No one gets to take them off you and refuse to give them back. That’s insane,” another said.

“Sounds like she thinks your work is done and you’re not needed anymore. Get out while you can,” was another response.

Mumsnet mum’s have given advice on what she should do. Source: Getty

Despite the advice things got even more heartbreaking in a follow up post.

“I’m very worried because if his parents kick me out then I will be homeless,” the mum wrote. “I’m terrified that they’re going to kick me out and keep the baby.”

It’s unclear if things were resolved however, another mum did suggest she seek professional help and we hope she does so.

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