Mother-Daughter Duo, 40 Years Apart, Sport Matching Outfits to Prove 'Style Knows No Age' (Exclusive)

Gym Tan and her daughter Mya are bonding over their love for clothes

<p>Courtesy of Gym Tan</p> Gym and Mia Tan wearing matching outfits.

Courtesy of Gym Tan

Gym and Mia Tan wearing matching outfits.

Gym Tan and her daughter Mya have shared clothes for as long as they can remember, despite their 40-year age gap.

But their relationship isn't just about sharing closets: it's about sharing experiences, constantly introducing each other to new styles and trends during their shopping trips together.

One day, serendipity struck when they both sported the same top, pants, red lipstick and bag. Seizing the moment, Mya decided to capture their twinning fashion statement and post it on TikTok. The response was overwhelming, with the video going viral and amassing over 2.9 views.

"We just had fun with it to show that hey, style knows no age," Gym, who is originally from Singapore, remarks to PEOPLE exclusively in an interview.

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<p>Courtesy of Gym Tan</p> Gym Tan and Mia Tan wearing matching outfits.

Courtesy of Gym Tan

Gym Tan and Mia Tan wearing matching outfits.

Since their viral success, the dynamic duo from the San Francisco Bay Area embarked on a social media journey that has deepened their bond. In their videos, Gym and Mya exchange feedback on their outfits and style each other with pieces from their wardrobes.

In one TikTok, Mya dresses her mom in a red mesh top and Instagram-viral Lirika Matoshi baggy bow jeans. Mya says, "Every time she wears something from my closet, I'm blown away. I tell her she should rock those looks more often."

Gym adds, "We're challenging the notion that certain outfits are reserved for specific age groups. Brands don't categorize clothes by age; it's more about size. We recognized there's a powerful message here that we need to amplify."

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When it comes down to their style, Gym, also a former fashion executive in Asia, says how she and Mya both lean away from being overly "girly-girl" and not being fixated on designer brands.

"But I think we do have different styles though," Gym adds. "Sometimes I see some of her pieces and I'm like, 'I would never wear that.' "

She adds how Mya often explores younger, emerging brands that aren't always promoted for people her age. Mya once suggested buying her mom some pieces from a Scandinavian brand she found online.

She recalls telling her mom, "All my friends are wearing this brand. If you wear it, people are going to be amazed because you're not the typical demographic, but you'll look fantastic in it."

Gym replied, "Alright, send me the link and let me know which pieces you think I should try."

To her surprise, Mya ordered the pieces she thought she'd like instead and sent them to her. Gym says, "I filmed a video showcasing what my daughter had sent me. I pulled out all the pieces, tried them on, but incorporated them into my existing wardrobe. The video did really well."

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