What are the most unpopular baby names of 2022?

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Baby Bella has shared a list of the least popular baby names of 2022. (Andrew Matthews/PA) (PA Wire)
Baby Bella has shared a list of the least popular baby names of 2022. (Andrew Matthews/PA) (PA Wire)

Choosing the name of your baby is perhaps one of the most exciting things there is to do in life, but it can also be a challenging decision.

Whether you draw inspiration from TV shows, celebrity couples, the Royals, or more quirky options, it’s a defining feature of the child in question.

But now, experts at Baby Bella have researched the most unpopular baby names of 2022, using data from Google Trends and Baby Name UK, and the ones that have made it onto the list might surprise you.

For girls’ names, Angela, Kimberley, Alexa, and Nicole ranked as some of the least popular.

Likewise, Ashley, Sophia, Lorraine, Kristen, and Suzanne also made it onto the list as the least-desired names.

While, for the boys, Kobe, Jeffrey, Nigel, and Ashton topped the list of the most unpopular – followed by Graham, Stuart, Chad, Gary, and Bill.

Explaining the list, the baby experts said: “It is to be expected that some names begin to get out of fashion or popularity over time, whether that be an association with the name or just that it has been so overly used that it is no longer desired by new parents.

“While some names will always be firm favourites and are ever-lasting, there are certain names you wouldn’t expect people to fall out of love with but that is the nature of choosing baby names.”

They added: “We imagine that this may change each year with new names being added and others increasing in popularity again.”

Here are the most unpopular girls’ and boys’ names in 2022.

The most unpopular girls’ names for 2022 are:










The most unpopular boys’ names for 2022 are:










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