Moonchild Daily Horoscope – October 09 2019

Are you ready to be Mercury retrograded?…

We are now in the countdown to the start of the new Mercury Retrograde shadow phase. So to celebrate my new Mercury Retrograde book, here’s a short video about why you should definitely EMBRACE Mercury retrograde AT LEAST as much as you worry about it! It’s here.

Your Daily Forecast

Topics associated with joy, creativity, fun and children are set to undergo a cosmic boost thanks to Venus’ entrance into your 5th sector today. Now in the same zone as curious Mercury, you might hear some happy news, receive an exciting invitation or spend more time doing what you love. This is also glorious astro-weather if you need to reconnect with a romantic partner. Deep and revelatory conversations can help you bond and boost your sense of emotional security with a special someone. If you’re single, this planetary combo invites sweet conversations that may lead to an intriguing flirtation.

Do you love astrology and crystals?

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