Moonchild Daily Horoscope – May 19 2021

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The Full Moon is coming!

For an awesome article about the Full Moon and Moonology, check out this amazing Oprah article!

What you need to know about the coming Full Moon

There could be an issue coming up with a friend now as we move towards the Full Moon. If that’s the case, lean into it, rather than pulling away from it. The issue is coming up for a reason, and if you can work through it, you will be getting the most the full moon has to offer you. The full moon will happen in about 1 weeks time and it’s going to be about you learning how to find a balance between what your friends need and Your own needs. There could also be issues to do with a creative project you’ve been working on or a child, your own or someone else’s, coming up now. Once again, don’t wish these problems away. Deal with them.

Get in tune with the Moon

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