Moonchild Daily Horoscope – 29 December 2021

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It’s a red-letter day astrologically speaking…

Today the planet of good luck and good times, Jupiter, is changing signs, moving from Aquarius (where he has been buffering Saturn) into Pisces, one of his home signs. Overall one great result of this can be that the world starts to get more spiritual. I cover this info and tons and tons more in much more depth in my . Moonology Diary 2022. Here’s what it means for you – read your Rising Sign if you know it!
You’re in for a fabulous Jupiter cycle now as the planet of freedom moves into your adventure zone. Over the next 12 months, your chances to get away and travel far and wide are at a 12 year high, so book those tickets asap.

Jupiter actually favours long-haul see-the-world style travel. He’s the planet who broadens our minds, so he loves to get us up off our bums and questing around the world. If you can only manage a quick trip here and there over the next 12 months though, don’t despair. Jupiter will see to it that if you can’t go to some foreign mountain, that foreign mountain will come to you, so to speak.

People from far away places will enter your life, you’ll find yourself more drawn to people who are in some way ethnic or exotic, you’ll get a rush by trying out new foods from foreign lands and your appreciation of armchair travel and foreign films will be unsurpassed.

Anything which helps you see the world beyond your own backyard is what the Jupiter Doctor ordered and just what you need now. Study is also on the cards for many of you – once again, it opens your mind to things you never knew before and that’s what Jupiter wants to do for you now. Jupiter is also about the Cosmic Quest so if you’re into working on yourself through seminars and self-help books, or via religion, knock yourself out. You won’t recognise yourself in 12 months. Your horizons are about to expand.

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