Moonchild Daily Horoscope – 21 June 2022

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Happy solstice! Today the Sun is moving into one of the so-called Cardinal Signs and bringing the solstice with it – here’s what that means for you.
The Sun moves back into your sign today after an absence of 12 months!  If you’ve been feeling a bit untethered, it is time you will start to feel the sense of regaining your grip.  You can expect to be getting a lot more attention at this time, as your confidence takes the front seat.  The skies are supporting you!  Though you might feel at center stage, try not to be self-centered.  It can certainly be tempting at this time!  You are likely to feel more flirtatious and bold, less afraid to take risks.  If you’re single, ask someone out!  If you’re in a relationship, try something new with your partner.  At times like this, when you’re feeling extra confident, it’s great to keep a journal.  Write down how you feel and everything that comes up.  You can then use this later on for inspiration when you need it.
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