Moonchild Daily Horoscope – 01 January 2022

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Happy new year!

May it be an amazing year for you! Today’s forecast gives you a taste of the happier times to come in the year ahead.
Relationships You have one more year of potentially volatile relationships. If you have been giving your partner, friends and/or family a hard time, use 2022 to purge your yourself emotionally. As they say, there is a difference between responding and reacting. That said, 2022 offers the chance of some super powerful connections too.
Career Your career luck is at a 12-year peak at times this year. So think big. Have a vision for what you want to achieve professionally. You will be flavour of the month at work on and off, and there could chances to travel with your job. Financially, the more you plan, the better.
Wellness More good news; the eclipses of 2022 are hitting your Fun and Friendship Zones so chances are you’ll be in a super-good frame of mind in 2022, which in turn should lead to better health. How so? Happy mind, healthy body. It’s the law of attraction.

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