The moment Ali was totally gutted when Grant didn't propose

Olivia Morris
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Many avid Bachelor In Paradise viewers were probably sure Grant Kemp was going to propose to his island love Ali Oetjen.

Turns out it was Sam Cochrane who actually popped the question to Tara Pavlovic.

And while Grant insisted he loved Ali, all he could offer her was a commitment ring, and you could see it on her face she was not happy.

Grant pulled out a commitment ring when Ali was expecting him to propose. Source: Ten
She wasn’t happy at all. Source: Ten

“Ali, the feeling I get when I look at you is a feeling that I’ve never felt before in my life,” Grant told Ali during their commitment ceremony. “When I look into your eyes, my world stops.

“You are the most kind, thoughtful, beautiful woman I have ever met in my life.”

However, it wasn’t enough to warrant an engagement ring.

In the video above, you can see the moment Ali’s face drops when Grant pulls out a commitment ring.

Whilst she tries to act happy about it, she clearly isn’t.

Even though she tried to act happy. Source: Ten

Many viewers also noticed Ali’s unhappiness at the lack of proposal.

Could this have been the first sign of alarm bells in her head it wasn’t meant to be with Grant?

Unfortunately things didn’t work out between Grant and Ali. Source: Channel Ten

Who knows.

But, what we do know is Ali is now set to be Australia’s next Bachelorette as she and Grant have parted ways since the filming of the finale.

Source: Channel Ten

Several reports have claimed Ali dumped Grant due to him wanting to have a “threesome” with Ali. Ouch.

Well, we look forward to Ali being our Bachelorette. There is the age old saying, “Third time’s a charm.”

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