Mom Shows Off Daughter's “Gilmore Girls”-Inspired Custom Playhouse Filled with Easter Eggs from the Show (Exclusive)

Brittney Gage and her sister-in-law Hope Bayes are hoping Hazel, 1, will grow up to share their love of the hit series

<p>Courtesy of Brittney Gage</p> Brittney Gage and her sister-in-law Hope Bayes watching Gage

Courtesy of Brittney Gage

Brittney Gage and her sister-in-law Hope Bayes watching Gage's daughter Hazel play with her Gilmore Girls-themed playhouse
  • Gilmore Girls fan Hope Bayes gifted her niece, Hazel, the ultimate toddler-sized ode to the beloved series: a remodeled playhouse replicating the fictional bed and breakfast from the show

  • Hazel's mom Brittney Gage shared footage of her daughter playing in her person Dragonfly Inn in a now-viral TikTok video that captured the hearts of thousands

  • The sisters-in-law spoke to PEOPLE about their shared love of the series, and how they hope Bayes' hand-crafted playhouse will make 1-year-old Hazel a fan when she grows up

These dedicated sisters-in-law are passing their love of Gilmore Girls on to the next generation.

Brittney Gage’s 1-year-old daughter, Hazel, gets to experience her own piece of Stars Hollow in a customized playhouse modeled after a staple of the fictional town. Hazel’s craft-savvy aunt, Hope Bayes, flipped a Little Tikes structure into a toddler-sized replica of the Dragonfly Inn, the cozy bed and breakfast owned by Lorelai Gilmore.

Gage posted a TikTok featuring footage of her daughter enjoying the miniature yellow house decorated with the same Dragonfly Inn sign seen on TV. The video — which is set to the Gilmore Girls theme song, Carole King’s “Where You Lead I Will Follow” — garnered likes from over 94,000 viewers on the app.

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The TikTok also showed some of the playhouse’s on-theme accessories and add-ons, including the miniature coffee cups from Luke’s Diner. Bayes also constructed a white chuppah covered in vines just like the one Luke builds beside Lorelai’s house in season 2.

“Dragonfly Inn Dreamhouse for our Hazey girl to enjoy during the Lazy, Hazy, Crazy days of summer,” Gage captioned her video showcasing her sister-in-law’s impressive workmanship.

In the comments, fans of the series pointed out and applauded the more subtle homages that Bayes included in her masterfully made playset. Other TikTok users asked for a tutorial so they could fashion their own Gilmore Girls playhouses.

Many comments suggested Bayes build the entire town in the same kid-sized fashion, and the creative mastermind tells PEOPLE she’s interested in doing so.

<p>Courtesy of Brittney Gage</p> Hazel in her Gilmore Girls-themed playhouse

Courtesy of Brittney Gage

Hazel in her Gilmore Girls-themed playhouse

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“I also keep trying to convince Brittney and my brother that we should build a whole Stars Hollow. I'm very down to buy three more houses and do some of the main attractions there, and then even make the little gazebo,” Bayes says, referring to the town square fixture seen in the show. “I'm tempted to build the whole town.”

Replicating the entire town might seem like it would take forever, but Bayes says she built the Dragonfly Inn in about a week’s time.

“I just did it in my free time when I could, and then every time I [thought] I was done, I would want to add more,” Hazel’s aunt says.

She revamped the Little Tikes playhouse with her niece in mind, but the gift also celebrated Bayes’ friendship with Gage and their shared love of the show. Bayes previously designed a French flower shop-inspired playhouse for another of her nieces, but when Hazel’s birthday came around, she didn’t hesitate to draw inspiration from Stars Hollow.

<p>Courtesy of Brittney Gage</p> Hazel's Gilmore Girls-themed playhouse

Courtesy of Brittney Gage

Hazel's Gilmore Girls-themed playhouse

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“Me and Brittney are both huge fans of Gilmore Girls so I just knew that was the theme we had to do,” Bayes tells PEOPLE.

“I really didn't know what it was going to look like,” adds Gage. “She had thrown out the idea of doing Lorelai's house or even Luke's Diner, but she settled on Dragonfly Inn and I thought it was super cute.”

As for the actual handiwork, Bayes went all out in her effort to recreate the inn. Luckily, the Little Tikes house was already the perfect shade of pale yellow, but the rest of its custom features were skillfully made by Bayes.

She meticulously painted the structure’s white trimmings, its brown roof and wood-colored door. The door handle was installed with a drill, and she purchased flower boxes and fake flowers to thoroughly recreate the Dragonfly Inn.

“I used my cricut to make the sign for it, and the arbor was probably one of the hardest things, just hand cutting all that wood and trying to build it and paint it,” Bayes recalls. “But I think that was also one of my favorite things.”

<p>Courtesy of Brittney Gage</p> Brittney Gage and her sister-in-law Hope Bayes watching Gage's daughter Hazel play with her Gilmore Girls-themed playhouse

Courtesy of Brittney Gage

Brittney Gage and her sister-in-law Hope Bayes watching Gage's daughter Hazel play with her Gilmore Girls-themed playhouse

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Hazel may be a little too young to appreciate the accuracy of her Stars Hollow dreamhouse, but Gage says she loves her mini inn nonetheless.

“When it's sunny, we take it out and she loves playing in it … she walks around holding the coffee cups and it is super cute,” says the Nebraska-based mom.

And Hazel’s mom and aunt are already preparing her to appreciate the beloved dramedy, which ran for seven seasons from 2000 to 2007.

“She's already seen a couple episodes while she's playing, and she loves the theme song. She dances to it all the time,” Gage says of her only child. “We hope that she's a big fan like us when she grows up.”

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