Mom is ‘saving lives’ by normalizing less-than-perfect reality: ‘You’re telling me I don’t suck?’

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This mom showed off her less-than-perfect house to help parents feel less self-conscious about their homes.

Mom and TikToker Emily Feret (@emilyjeanne333) makes videos regularly showing off her sometimes messy life and home. Her loyal fanbase of over 500,000 followers appreciate these videos and claim that although they are lighthearted, they “save lives!”

In the TikTok, Emily gives viewers a tour of her messy but realistic home. The TikTok starts with text that reads, “Normalize being normal.” Emily then speaks directly to the camera, saying, “I like to normalize being normal. Life without the filter! Let’s walk around the house to make you feel better about yours!”

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Emily points the camera at a light fixture on the ceiling of her laundry room. She announces in a sarcastically chipper voice, “Here in my laundry room, don’t mind the light. It’s not working for some reason!” Emily laughs before showing off the washing machine and announcing, “My washer and dryer. There’s a load in [the dryer] that I’ve fluffed 8 times, and we’re at the point where I have to rewash the clothes in the washing machine!”

Next comes Emily’s bedroom. She shows the camera an unmade bed, and says, “Here you see my bed! Notice the sheet is off the corner, yet again. I can’t keep that thing on!” She forces a laugh before moving on to the kitchen.

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After revealing a disorganized kitchen table, Emily exclaims, “Oh! Remnants of my toddler’s breakfast. Should we take a look? 3 bags of chips that all still have chips in them, and some apples and peanut butter. Great!” She shakes her head.

“Oh, it’s hallway toilet paper that I bought in bulk and have no room to put anywhere else,” she laughs before taking her viewers back to the kitchen.

Next Emily declares, “I just found half a lime on my sink!” showing the lime up close. “Emily, that’s disgusting! I know,” she responds to herself before walking out of the kitchen.

Emily then commiserates, “My toddler today every time I’ve said ‘no’ just screams ‘yes’ really loud right back at me! When asked who the boss was, she said herself. She’s not wrong.” She laughs to herself about the truth of it all.

Emily ends her funny and revealing video by showing her key rack, piled with a lot more than just keys. “The key rack has three oven mitts!” Emily laughs loudly to herself as the video ends.

Although the video is light in tone, exposing the realities of parenthood means a lot to Emily’s followers.

One TikToker commented, “I know this is supposed to be tender and funny but I don’t think you realize how much you’re helping moms. Thank you.”

Another fellow parent wrote, “Thank you so much for making me feel like I’m not failing. My laundry room light is out, and my bulk TP is on the floor in my room.”

“These are the exact things I cry over every day. You’re tell me I don’t suck?” one user wrote.

Emily should feel proud of her ability to bring humor to parenthood and remind overwhelmed parents that they aren’t alone!

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