Mom makes shocking find when cleaning, ‘proposes’ to her husband: ‘His reaction was so cute’

This mom on TikTok “proposed” to her husband after a deep clean of their garage led to a surprise find!

TikToker Ashley (@sonoma.mama) is a busy mom and blogger who often shares childcare tips and snippets of daily life with her husband and toddler. Recently, Ashley posted a video where she pretends to propose to her husband after finding his wedding ring while cleaning their garage, and it’s totally adorable!

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The heartwarming clip begins with a shot of their run-down washing machine. Ashley mentions that the family’s washing machine broke, so cleaning the garage was in order to make room for the new washer to be installed.

With the magic of TikTok, in addition to Ashley’s hard work, the clip suddenly cuts to a shot of the tidied garage.

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“Still pretty cluttered, but we can get the washer in, which was the whole point of me cleaning,” she points out as the camera pans over an assortment of bins and boxes.

However, a clean garage isn’t the only triumph for that day. “In the process of all that cleaning, I found my husband’s lost wedding ring, so I decided to surprise him with a proposal,” Ashley reveals.

The video then cuts to footage of Ashley, sitting on one knee in the kitchen, waiting for her husband to walk through the door.

As her husband enters, his expression goes from shocked to overjoyed. “Where was this?!” he exclaims, as Ashley laughs before re-popping the question.

Ashley goes on to mention that her husband “had been looking for that ring for over a year.” According to Ashley, the wedding ring is extra special to the couple because it happens to be made from a T-Rex tooth.

Between a clean garage, a new washing machine, and finding a lost wedding ring, it looks like the day was successful for the couple.

Viewers all over TikTok congratulated Ashley on sprucing up the house on top of getting engaged again.

“I’m crying, his reaction was so cute, and props to getting that basement cleaned,” one user complimented.

“Adorable! Great job cleaning, and his utter surprise by the ring was lovely,” commended one TikToker.

“Congrats on the re-engagement,” another viewer echoed.

Aside from being total #couplegoals, Ashley’s video shows that a lot of good can come from a bit of cleaning.

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